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Wanting to leave, yet not
Never listening
You make me
Want to walk out
To walk away
Without looking back
I want to beat you
When you don’t listen
No matter if my idea
Is good
Even when I have
A valid point
You don’t care
And I’m starting to not too
Every second I spend
With you makes me
Want to snap
To beat you senseless
To leave you
Never come back
To run away with him
Never come back
And I mean
Every word I say
So keep on pushing
But remember that
With every single push
I get closer to snapping
And the goddess protect
Whoever is in my way
When the day comes
That you push me too far
And I snap
And you will be the ones to fall
And crash and burn
And I cant wait until you do
I have no freedom here
No room to spread my wings
What with your idiotic rules
Foolish and pointless
Making me wonder why
I put up with you at all
And I don’t know
Just go away
Get the fuck out of my life
Get out of my hair
Without you my life
Would be so much better
But you just don’t un
:iconreenastar:reenastar 1 2
Wiccan Rede, Creed and Rune
Please note that I claim none of these poems, as they are not mine to claim. Some have the authors named beneath the titles. Those that do not are the ones that I do not have the author's name for, and thus I cannot say who has written them. But I take no credit for these!
The Wiccan Rede
*There may be some slight variations on this, but this is the one I have found.
**Written by Doreen Valiente.
Bide the Wiccan law ye must
In perfect love and perfect trust
Live and let live-
Fairly take and fairly give
Cast the Circle thrice about
To keep all evil spirits out
To bind the spell every time
Let the spell be spake in rhyme
Soft of eye and light of touch-
Speak little, listen much
Deosil go by the waxing Moon
Sing and dance the Wiccan Rune
Widdershins go when the Moon doth wane
And the Werewolf howls by the dreaded Wolfsbane
When the Lady’s Moon is new
Kiss the hand to her times two
When the Moon rides at her peak
Then your hearts desire seek
Heed the North wind
:iconreenastar:reenastar 52 28
religious rant
***If you wish to point out any flaws that I may have in this rant, go ahead, but please remember to keep the tone away from what sounds like anger. I’m sorry for the possible flaws, and they’re not intentional. And I don’t mean just the Christians. Wiccans, if you see any flaws in my arguments for either side, comment please and let me know. Thanks!
Okay now that that’s out of the way.
First off I should say that yes I am a witch, and yes I do practice magick. I am part of a religion, however. Its not a stupid, “Well I’m gonna go around cursing people” or “Let’s go see how many people we can control” or something like that. This is a real religion. Its called Wicca. If you want to know more, go google it or so
:iconreenastar:reenastar 1 47
All that I am
I am the wind
Wild and free
I am the rain
That falls on ye
I am the sea
Filled with rage
I am the bird
Trapped fast in a cage
I am the spirit
Living strong in all
I am the arms
That catch you when you fall
I am the fire
That burns in every heart
I am the earth
That gives food to the hart
I am the darkness
That resides in your soul
I am the light
That makes you whole
I am the hidden
Kept out of sight
I am the revealed
Brought forth into light
I am the magick
That flows through your veins
I am the hope
That flies free, past all the chains
I am your enemy
The one you love to hate
I am your friend
Or maybe your mate
I am the empowered
I am strong
I am witch
:iconreenastar:reenastar 10 16
Final Goodbye I Never Said
You left this world
In such pain
It hurts me to think
Of how you went
Did you go peacefully?
Or was it filled with pain?
Did the light bring sweet release?
Or just more pain and suffering?
I miss you,
Though we weren’t that close
It still hurt to see you
Lying there
Still as stone
Expression blank
In a box
Covered in flowers
Grandma, I want you to know
That many people cried for you
I was among them
My little brother and I
Do you remember us?
I hope you do
Grandpa’s not doing well
His mind’s slipping off the tracks
Though he tries to hide it
He can’t bear the pain
Of a life without you
I hope that you find peace
Wherever you are now
And that you’re no longer
Riddled with pain
Tell me that you’re doing fine
And that you’ll watch over us all
Please tell me you’ll meet me
At the entrance to Summerland
Then we can sit in the grass
And talk and laugh as the wind plays
With our clothes, with our hair
And the sun warms our very hearts
I want you to know
:iconreenastar:reenastar 5 9
Old wounds opened again
You fool
You, who ruined my life
Who broke my heart.
To act as if nothing
Has happened between us.
This is bullshit.
I hate your guts for this.
You stupid fool.
You can go burn in hell.
You ask what you did
To make me despise you?
Well, I suggest you take
A good long look
At your past actions.
But since you are such an idiot,
I think I shall tell you,
So shut up and listen.
You tore me apart.
You ripped me to shreds.
You used me and then left me.
You shattered my heart.
To you I was no more
Than a tool - to be used
And then tossed away
When the job was finished.
Did you ever truly care?
This is why I hate you.
Now do you remember?
:iconreenastar:reenastar 1 36
Elemental Control Part 2
A few days later, Devon stopped me again after English class. He took my hand and led me into a secluded hallway. Then he turned and looked at me, and I saw that he was blushing slightly. He kept his hold on my hand as he spoke.
“Okay, Aithne, I have a question for you. Will you go out with me on Saturday?”
I could feel a blush rising in my face as well as I stood there, stunned. Then, when I had recovered my voice, I answered his question. “Yes!” I exclaimed.
He smiled, revealing straight white teeth. “Wonderful! Well then I’ll call you tonight and we’ll set up a date?”
Before he walked away he gave me a tight hug. Then I walked to my locker to put away my books. Once again as soon as I walked into the view of my friends I found myself in the middle of a group hug. When I had wormed my way out of it, I sat down and started to eat my lunch. Rose, Makani and Muriel sat down beside and across from me and I knew from the way that t
:iconreenastar:reenastar 1 2
Mature content
Elemental control Part 1 :iconreenastar:reenastar 1 6
My world
Longing increases
With every passing second
Waiting, simply waiting
Until we are alone again
My love, my life
Though we still see one another
We are unable to act on emotions
On the passion that floods our veins
The love that drives us on
To make it through another day
So close and yet so far
And I miss you
I want to feel
The heat from your body
Pressed tight against mine
Your strong arms holding me close-
Protecting me when danger is near
Giving comfort when I am sad-
Your lips on mine
Firm and yet gentle
Passionate and full of love
These things I long for
Your hands caress my body
Setting my skin on fire
Driving me wild
My control slips beyond my grasp
And I am yours, my love.
This is my wish
To be yours forever more
But this cannot be allowed to happen
Not for some time
Not just yet
I need to keep control
No matter how hard it is
But soon
Just be patient my love
This I promise to you
Some day I shall be yours
To lie in your arms
For all of our time
Never to leave your side
To share
:iconreenastar:reenastar 2 6
A paradise gone wrong
Dreams…they’re just that-dreams. Fantasies that can have the power to change lives, to make things happen. And this was really no different. I mean, it was just a dream…wasn’t it?
The sun shone brightly on the glass-like surface of the crystal clear lake. I stood on the middle of its surface, looking around at the breathtaking scenery. The water beneath my bare feet was pleasantly cool. In all reality however, I would have been swimming in the lake and not standing on the top of it. Cautiously I took a step forward. The water beneath my feet rippled out but still remained solid.
A slight breeze came up, catching and playing with my hair. The long brown tresses fluttered about my body, tickling my bare skin before coming to rest around my shoulders as the wind died. I closed my eyes and listened to the noises of the nature around me.
The birds chirped messages to one another. The wind rustled through the leaves. I opened my eyes and looked around again. Everything he
:iconreenastar:reenastar 2 24
A fool in more
Never again shall I trust you
For you have weaved one too many lies
Though I have moved on with my life
It still pains me
To think of what you did
It angers me to remember
The pointless suffering you caused me
You shattered the bonds between us
Shattered them like you shattered my heart
They can never be replaced
You can try, as much as you like
But they will never be as strong
As they once were
And could have stayed
Had you not been such a fool
And betrayed my heart
Perhaps I trust too quickly
Yes, maybe I do
But even if this
Is proven to be the case
Still the blame falls
Onto your shoulders
You stole my innocence
Something I can never get back
You broke my heart
You wounded me as no other has
And though my wounds
Deep though they were
Have healed
And my shattered heart repaired
With the help of one I love
More than words can describe
Never shall I regain my innocence
The innocence that you took from me
That is lost to me for the rest of my time
:iconreenastar:reenastar 2 14
Run away, run away
Let’s run away
Away from rules
Away from parents
Away from everything
To a land
Where we can be alone
And do as we please
And spend the nights in each other’s arms
I never want to leave your arms
Never wish to be parted
Instead let us stay
Together forever more
Let me sleep in your loving arms
Warm, safe, gentle
Run away with me
Past the stars to the moon
No one to stop us, we can do as we wish
To kiss and make love beneath a blanket of stars
:iconreenastar:reenastar 2 7
Tarnishing the untarnishable
A heart as pure
Has never been found
Than yours my friend
Well, at least, it was
Maybe it still is
I cannot tell
Shrouded in darkness and cloaked in mist
Impossible to tell
I pray I have not tarnished
That made of untarnishable gold
If I have, surely I shall die
Lost and alone without you
I need you to live, Carrie
This is no lie.
:iconreenastar:reenastar 1 4
Broken Friendship
I guess I always took for granted
The friendship that we shared
Because it is now apparent to me
That things are not as they used to be
You and I, we’re drifting apart
Losing touch with one another
But I need you to be with me
You’re my Guardian Angel, are you not?
I just can’t stand the thought
Of living me life without you
You’ve been my confident for two years now
I would be lost without you
I don’t know you anymore
I don’t understand you
You’ve changed, morphed completely
And I can’t recognize you now
I don’t like who you’re becoming
And I don’t think I ever will
But there’s nothing I can do about it
Except pray that you’ll change back
Even though a part of me knows you never will
:iconreenastar:reenastar 1 19
Spark of life
A heart is a fragile thing
An object spun of glass
Easy to break, hard to repair
Keeping it whole is a difficult task
Inside this heart
There lives a special spark
A spark that is vital to life
It needs the light, not the dark
For some time, this spark in my heart was dead
But because of you, it’s grown
I owe you my life, as it was you who saved me
You will never be alone
I will be forever by your side
Through hardships, through pain
Lean on me my love and we’ll make it
We will find the key to undo these chains
And then we will fly
We will soar on white wings
Away from the troubles and pain
To a land love and peace and things
But only if you love me
And I know that you do
I want you to know
That I also love you
:iconreenastar:reenastar 1 0
Lost in a world I once knew
Falling apart
We’re not close like before
So many troubles, too many conflicts
It’s tearing us all apart
I feel like crying
When I think of days gone past
Days when we were a tight knit group
Days that have gone, never coming back
Suppression doesn’t work
It never has and never will
I tried to bottle it all up
But it all came crashing down on me
I feel as if there’s no one to turn to
No one to trust
No one to talk to
Isolated walking among friends
Lost in a world I once knew
In a world now so alien
People seem so distant
Even though they stand right beside me
Please help me
I’m so lost
:iconreenastar:reenastar 0 7


The hollow word echoes in her mind.
His last words spoken; her last words heard.
The tears blind her, but nothing blinds her mind from the sight of him, riding into the distance on horseback, ready to fight a hopeless battle.
The only thing she remembers.
Because "I'll see you again" is worse than
"Farewell" when
"Farewell" is the only truthful thing said.
:iconneoshayna888:neoshayna888 2 6
Her Perfect Death
Close your eyes and
Hold your breath
Recreate her
Perfect Death
Sudden cold as
You go under
Heart a-pounding
Trick of thunder
In goes water
Out comes air
Pretty bubbles
Float through hair
Past the surface
See them rise
To Delusion
Surrender your eyes
Then it's dark
Prefectly alone
Brain stops racing
Heavy as stone
Rigor setting
Muscles tight
Your mind says no
But you won't fight
Open your eyes now
Release the scream
Sit up straight
It's just a dream
:iconneoshayna888:neoshayna888 5 6
Just an Act
Cut short her play
End act five
Stop directing
She's not alive
:iconneoshayna888:neoshayna888 1 5
The Lies They Tell
Dying as fast as candles in rain
Yet no more freedom left to gain
Pointless war rages as someone new dies
Like all the rest, they believed the lies
:iconneoshayna888:neoshayna888 1 4
Oh, Bite Me
I can't fly with my broken wing,
a tainted heart can never sing,
a shredded soul, no love can make --
What else could you possibly take?
:iconneoshayna888:neoshayna888 2 4
Her Perfection
Pretty and perfect,
can do nothing wrong.
Bakes cakes and cookies
all the day long.
Pretty and perfect,
helps all in need.
Knows when to show,
does every good deed.
Pretty and perfect,
with muscles and all.
So everybody stares
as she walks down the halls.
Pretty and perfect,
the world in her hand.
Everyone loves her
(and she's beautifully tanned).
Pretty and perfect,
without any flaws.
Never will break
any one of the laws.
Pretty and perfect,
can make no mistake.
So loved and wanted.
:iconneoshayna888:neoshayna888 1 3
Silent Sight
Silent sight, I feel you there
You touch my arm, stroke my hair
Watching me, an unseen voice
Do you give me any choice?
Surrendering to your seduction, sweet
Surrenfering to you, I take defeat
Show your face, I've given in
Silent sight, I let you win
:iconneoshayna888:neoshayna888 1 5
Nothing Special .
I'm a prisoner.
Stuck in your world, of games.
You twist, and turn, and wind me up.
Until I'm at breaking point.
I just want to be free.
To make my own decisions, to run as fast as I can.
To let my hair down, and have fun.
But no, you keep me trapped.
Hide me away from the world, and hide the world away from me.
So I'll never get to know any different.
I'll never get to taste, what its like to have freedom.
Never get to take a risk, and feel the adrenaline.
You'd never let that happen.
Because your selfish, only think about what you want.
And if I tryed to leave, you'd end it.
So I'm stuck in the middle, want to go.
But to afraid to try.
Maybe this is my fault.
I let you have the power, and take control.
But you wanted more.
You wanted everything, so I gave everything.
Thinking you loved me, thinking you cared.
But no, that was just a web of lies.
That you weaved together.
You knew I had a wild heart.
That could change this world.
And I wanted to let you in, share my dreams, and let yo
:iconrainbowstardust:RainbowStarDust 4 15
Call It Quits Or Get A Grip
You're talking at me like nothing ever changed
But the real difference is in your eyes
When they can't even focus on my face
And all I can think is how messed up it is
That I only exist when your intoxication
Breaks down the walls between us
And the blood in your veins is tainted.
You're playing the fool
And I'm trying out a new, ironic laugh
At the joke you've become
But it twists inside my mouth
And leaves a bitter taste on my tongue
And I'm left trying to cough up the soured dregs of Us.
I wave begrudgingly  
And my hand spits:
"Grow the hell up
Or at least try to make it right"
And I'm trying to avert my eyes
So you don't see the searing resentment
Pouring out of them
And trying to reach out
To scorch your precious skin.
I'm desperate for you to look as damaged as I do.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 8
You unfocus your eyes
and stare into space,
a dull blank expression
reflects on your face.
You hear people talking
but not what they say.
Somebody asks you
if you are okay.
You nod without thinking,
an absent reply,
looking right through them,
not meeting their eye.
Life has just taken
a sudden detour,
leaving you helpless,
scared and unsure.
You’re totally senseless-
blind, deaf, and dumb-
completely defenseless,
utterly numb...
:iconmeljoy68:meljoy68 7 21
Fighting For Peace .
I wonder why we fight.
Why send our loved ones, into battle, to fight for "freedom".
And then, we have to deal with, the heartbreak, of losing them.
To make war, is just a way of showing, how violent we are.
People say, we are fighting for peace.
I think its pointless.
Its like shouting for silence.
Your screaming, and yelling.
What does it bring?
More noise.
I know what it feels like, to have someone ripped away from you.
To have someone fight for our country, in the senseless battle.
I look up to him, and pray everyday that he will be okay.
And I will be able to see him, smile again.
And hear his laugh, feel him hug me again.
Because he's happy.
I just want him to come back.
Back home, where there is love.
Because he doesn't deserve to be dragged into the disaray.
:iconrainbowstardust:RainbowStarDust 2 12
Break Me Again . I Dare You .
To this world, we are nicknamed 'emo', meaning overly emotional.
Just because we dress different, or look different.
Because, we write poems, and make drawings of things, people see everyday.
But never acknowledge.
We are the weird ones, the ones who get picked on.
They are just afraid.
Afraid of what we are, and why.
I don't understand why.
Why they can't just accept it, and leave it be.
But no.
They have to push us, twist us, wind us up.
Until we can't bear it anymore.
So we go to extremes, letting them not see, covering it up anyway we can.
With every words they say, another drop of blood falls.
Mixing with the tears on the floor.
Our parents never know what goes on.
We put on that mask, and try to fake, even though we are screaming, and fighting to break through.
They never know, so we keep getting pushed, until we are thrown off the edge.
So we take that cold gun, the sweet release, and scream our hearts out.
Until its ended.
:iconrainbowstardust:RainbowStarDust 1 13
Confessions by CMCarterArt Confessions :iconcmcarterart:CMCarterArt 18 10 Fictitious by Edward-Cullen-Fans Fictitious :iconedward-cullen-fans:Edward-Cullen-Fans 22 0 White Dress by xgreenxapplexangelx White Dress :iconxgreenxapplexangelx:xgreenxapplexangelx 3 4
Last Words.
Well here we are.
Standing eye to eye, tears in mine, fire in yours.
I beg you one last time to stay, you shake your head, and turn to go.
But you stop.
Your loose hands, turn to tight fist, and you start to shake.
I just stare, not knowing what to do or say.
Finally, I walk around you, and stare into your big blue eyes.
We stand in dead silence, while minutes turn to hours.
I finally ask, just spare me, some last words.
You look up, and say, I Love You.
Then loosen, and walk away, while I stand, shocked.
But I smile.
Knowing that its better to have been loved and been left, then not being loved at all.
:iconrainbowstardust:RainbowStarDust 4 11



Artist | Literature
Current Residence: My world. its a very scary place. trust me.
Favourite genre of music: i dont limit myself to just one. nearly everythin cept classical and rap.
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: i like them all but i prefer to draw anime style.
Operating System: wtf is an 'Operating system'? Im no nurse!
MP3 player of choice: any one that works
Shell of choice: i dont have one. they're all beautiful in their own way....until u step on them....
Wallpaper of choice: INUYASHA!!!!!!!...well actually practically anything anime or Japanese. especally a sakura tree!
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: INUYASHA! Hikaru and Kaoru, Kyo, Yuki, Haru, my lovely sexy Edward Cullen
Personal Quote: Why is it called 'Tourist Season' if we can't shoot them?
  • Reading: To ride a silver broomstick-Silver Ravenwolf
  • Eating: Chocolate...DUH!!!
Okay i have decided. its official. i am going to not be checking this account anymore, and my new one is Wiccan-willow. please, if u have watched me n this account, watch my new one as well if u r still interested in my stuff. i may ocasionally check this one but not very often. well, i hope to see you all on my new account! byebye and blessed be!


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